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Essex Loft Conversions

An Essex loft conversion is a wonderful way to give yourself more room affordably.  If you have the room in your loft to build out, why not?  This is a wonderful space to expand and have another bedroom, shower room, office or even a games and home cinema room.  Cameron Lofts specialises in loft conversions in Essex and will give you the additional space that you need without the added costs of additional foundations and building regulations.  If you have a cramped garden, this won’t affect that and you don’t have to worry about having enough space to expand out.  An Essex loft extension can be a perfect way to bring in some much-needed income as well.  You could build out a small apartment up there that you could rent out as an AirBnB or as a monthly.  More and more people want to live in or near Essex due to its proximity to London and coastal towns such as Southend-on-Sea, Westcliff and more.


Add more space to your home affordably.

However, some people find that they simply cannot afford a place that will be big enough for their needs, in its current state.  When this happens, some look to build a brand new home,  while others look for a home that renovations can make it all their own.  We work with clients on both ends of the spectrum to help them with their Essex loft conversion and get them the space they need.  We offer a number of options as well from:

  • Hip to Gable Essex Loft conversion-These is perfect for those buildings that are not attached.  These are for semi-detached and detached buildings.
  • Dormer Essex Loft conversion-This will add about 13 square meters of space in most homes found in Essex.  These are by far the most popular.
  • Mansard Essex Loft Extension-If you are looking to maximize your space, this is the one for you.
  • L-shaped dormer Essex loft conversion-If you are an owner of a period style home, then this is the extension for you.
  • Hip to Gable and rear dormer conversion-We will take off your slopped room and add a dormer to give you more adequate space.
  • Skylight/Velux Essex loft conversion-This is the most affordable and simplest way to make room in your attic space.  This is a very popular option because of this. 
  • L-pads-basically you are raising your roofline and adding an extension to the roof to make room.


Most Essex homes qualify for a loft conversion.

Essex is known for its diverse homes that are found in the area.  Most of these homes are mid-century homes, a period property, or a new build.  Almost all of them can be used for a loft conversion.  This is a wonderful way to add space without the added cost of a new addition.  We can take a look and give you some ideas for your build.  Everyone’s home is different.  Many clients have questions on where and how to put in a stair case, to what they can do to maximise their space.  

Add additional space to your home!

If you are ready for more space and a new roofline, we can help.  We work with some of the very best designers and engineers in the industry.  Our plumbers and electricians are there to assist us with getting the plumbing and electrical you will need to be run done.  These loft conversion projects can be very simple to somewhat complex.  We have seen it all and worked in it all.  We are ready to take a look at your attic and see what kind of space may be hiding up there.  

What to expect from us:

  • Planning and Design of your Essex loft conversion done for you.
  • Project management with frequent updates
  • Fixed pricing, no pricing changes without your permission, and only for changes to the original design.
  • The actual build-out of the loft conversion.
  • Dedicated customer service that is there to answer any questions or enquiries you might have.






















How much does this all cost?

Building out your Essex loft conversion can cost anywhere for  £35k for a typical mid-terrace house, £38k upwards for Semi detached hip end type of house and from £40k for bungalows.  It really does depend on what you need and your wants.  If you have a budget in mind and want to discuss further, we can help you work within your budget to keep things cost-effective.  For example, maybe you go with a simple sink that is far less costly for now and save to swap it out later, or don’t complete the project for a few months.

We have worked with homeowners on all different types of budgets for their Essex loft conversion.  We understand that the need for space is different for everyone.  You might have a growing family or maybe you are going to start a business from home.  Whatever the reason we can go over what your expectations are and try to understand the best way to approach your project.  We have done a lot of these projects which allows us to bring this experience and knowledge to you.

Call for a free quote!

Give us a call regarding your Essex loft conversion and we’d be happy to take a look at the space and go over your ideas.  If you don’t have any ideas but have a list of wants, we can work with that as well.  Some people are very creative and can come up with many unique ways they might want the space, while others are not as creative and are lost at where to start.  Not a problem.  That’s why you hire the professionals for your Essex loft conversion.  We will give you an expert opinion on what can be done within your budget.  Call today about your Essex loft conversion options.

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